Microsoft Store is getting new animations on Windows 11

In addition to integrating Microsoft teams in Windows 11 and enhancing the taskbar experience with Build 22000,100, Microsoft has introduced a pleasant animation when exploring the Microsoft Store page. In addition to faster animations, Microsoft also works on additional UI increases for the App Store.

Windows 11 includes a new Microsoft Store, but there are several rough edges. After substantial testing, the new version of Microsoft Store now launches to all users. It’s all about updating the application layout with new navigation experience to make certain things easier to find.

Because you are unconscious, Microsoft Store is equipped with separate parts for applications, games, productivity, offers, and entertainment. In Windows 11, one of the biggest changes is highlighting all product listings, so that exploring stores can easily find new applications or films.


New Store animation

Microsoft now makes changes to application listings and films. As you can see on GIC above, Microsoft has made navigation faster and enjoyable.

If you choose an application or film to open it in the store, you will see some new animations, as shown in the video below (higher quality).


Note that this new version of Microsoft Store is slowly rolling. If you don’t have it, you will get an update immediately.

In addition to animation, Microsoft also works on quality improvements for store pages and search results for better application rankings.

Improvements that will come to Microsoft Store

On June 24, Microsoft officially confirmed that the Android application finally came to Microsoft Store Windows 11. Microsoft said the application would be supported via the Amazon App Store than the Google Play Store.

This new feature will be added to Microsoft Store and Windows 11 before the October 2021 release date. The Android application will be found through Microsoft Store, which allows users to take their favorite applications from the Amazon AppStore catalog and this application can be installed locally.

The Amazon Appstore is not as big as Google Play Store and offers about half a million Android applications. Google, on the other hand, offers more than three million applications through the Play Store.

Fortunately, Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will support the sideloading Android application, which means you can install and run almost all applications that are not based on Google Play services.

We expect the manufacture of new Windows 11 preview with the integration of Android applications in one or two months and more information will likely appear in the coming days.




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