Hands on with Microsoft Teams integration in Windows 11

Microsoft manufactures meetings of Microsoft Teams even simpler, by adding it to the Windows 11 taskbar. Microsoft Teams integration is the flagship functionality of Windows 11 and is now part of the preview constructions available in the Dev channel Microsoft’s Insider Program.

Microsoft Teams integration into Windows 11 is currently called “Chat” and is similar to Skype to meet now, but the overall experience is much better. Indeed, the Teams Chat application is based on Microsoft Teams 2.0, which is powered by Microsoft Edge’s WebView (Chrome version).

The teams are discussing are not a Microsoft Teams customer in its own right. This simply allows you to manage the cat and video calls, otherwise known as “meeting”. To launch discussion teams in Windows 11, you must click on the small discussion icon that has been added to the taskbar. Or you can also use the Win + C shortcut.


Chat taskbar

As you can see in the below screenshot, Teams Chat offers two features: Meet (video calls) and Chat (texts.

Microsoft Teams Chat integration

To get started, you’ll need to find the appropriate contact and send an invitation if they haven’t joined the Teams platform.

Teams chat window

The Chat Integration teams are actually free and others can receive your message by email or SMS. If the contact is already known to you, you will be able to locate the person using the team search function.

The contact will be detected automatically via your Microsoft, Skype and Outlook teams. You can also synchronize your Skype and Outlook contacts for better communication with your friends and family.

If you click on a conversation, the Chat teams will launch the Microsoft Teams application. You will be prompted to download the app if you have not already installed it.


Microsoft Teams Chat in Windows 11

For the moment, you can only send and receive messages. The meeting call or video feature has not been implemented, but Microsoft has promised that they are on their way.

In addition to the integration of video calls, Microsoft will also support screen sharing, presence and status settings, screen sharing and more.

To support team integration, Microsoft has created a new Team Customer for Windows 11 using Edge WebView.

You will always get the same set of features, including immersive meeting experiments, live emoji integrations, recordings, etc., but the overall experience will be significantly faster. Indeed, the client New Teams is based on Edge WebView and it aims to reduce the use of memory.

As mentioned at the beginning, the integration of Microsoft teams is currently available on Windows Insider Testers only and will be released to everyone later this year.


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