Highest CRM Tool in 2021: Best 10 Platforms

Best CRM Software of 2021
Businesses use customer relationship management (CRM) software to interact and build connections with leads and clients.
CRMs are often hosted within the cloud or on-premises.
CRMs help companies, especially their sales teams, manage their customers’ data.
This article is for little business owners curious about learning about the simplest CRMs and what to seem for when choosing one.
When choosing the proper CRM for your business, you’ve got multiple factors to think about , like what proportion it costs and whether it’s all of the features and tools your company needs. Since there are numerous options on the market, we’ve researched and analyzed quite 60 systems to work out those we expect are best for various business needs. We received our greatest picks after watching variety of things , including what proportion each CRM costs, how simple it’s to use, and the way well it integrates with other popular business applications. Continue reading to find out more about our recommendations, also as important things to think about once you choose your CRM software.

What does it mean to be an “industry leader” within the Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) solution, and the way does that apply to your specific organization and use case?

For example, Salesforce, one among the leading CRMs, for a few organizations, are often a genius, data-unifying, growth-multiplying machine, except for others it are often a particularly expensive, premature, and devastating choice. It’s crucial to understand the difference!

Pricing vs Functionality
There is a price-to-functionality tradeoff with CRM tools. generally , a lower cost entails fewer customization options, fewer features, and sometimes less customer support. All CRM systems can generally handle simple contact management, email integration, templates, and basic sales pipeline management, but additional features like email marketing, segmentation, project management features, sales management, APIs, third-party integrations, an accompanying mobile app, and overall simple use can vary supported price.

Best CRM Software in 2021
Here we examine not only the simplest SaaS CRM solutions in several categories, but the foremost important considerations to think about when choosing a CRM platform.

1. Salesforce: The Brain of Your Organization
Salesforce may be a popular choice for organizations wishing to unify multiple real-time data sources and orchestrate complex business logic, serving because the “brain” of a corporation . If you’re trying to find an easy CRM that just works out of the box, this is often not your most suitable option – the training curve is high, and definitely not designed for little teams who just need a place to store customer information and manage an easy sales process.

The functionality of Salesforce is expansive, well beyond its CRM capabilities, and ever-growing. It can function a platform for customer service, digital marketing, eCommerce, an integration point for 3rd party apps (and MDM, ERP, analytics, and identity systems), blockchain apps and networks, AI, business intelligence (BI) and analytics, an internet site CMS and front-end, also as industry-specific solutions for health care, manufacturing, government, and other industries.

Salesforce is large , extremely powerful, and sophisticated , making it an excellent candidate for larger businesses (~$100M+ in annual revenues) or those with specific complex needs and ERP systems.

This same power and adaptability also make Salesforce a nightmare for companies who just don’t need what it’s to supply . We’ve seen instances where Salesforce implementations go multiple times over their initial implementation estimates, sucking money and income from the corporate , in situations where the corporate didn’t truly need Salesforce within the first place, only to possess low adoption by the sales team post-implementation, which is actually an awful scenario.

Not to scare anyone, because we’ve also seen great, successful, highly-adopted Salesforce implementations, but you truly need to consult an experienced industry professional like our company before making such a deep investment in CRM infrastructure. Otherwise, you’re counting on the sales team at Salesforce, and their incentive is to sell you Salesforce – to not ensure your success regardless of what the platform.

Salesforce Integrations: Hubspot, Marketo, Others
If Salesforce is working because the “brain” of your organization, it doesn’t even have to be your defacto CRM, nor does its sister product Pardot need to be your marketing automation platform. There are literally excellent integrations between Hubspot, Marketo, et al. .

This is a crucial point to think about – we don’t generally recommend Pardot, but rather often need to “deal with it” because clients have chosen Pardot because they’re weren’t conscious of other options that integrate with Salesforce.

2. Hubspot CRM: a well-liked Choice That Just Works
Hubspot CRM offers a free version with decent CRM functionality to urge you started. Be forewarned that the free plan entails tons of add-on features that require upgrading once you become a more advanced user. Limits are in situ for things just like the number of contacts and other critical feature sets for scaling your sales and marketing efforts.

This is to be expected from a tool that’s extremely powerful, however. you only need to be of the mindset that yes, you’ll test out much of Hubspot for free of charge at a lower cost point, but this tool may be a sales and marketing machine which will eventually justify its cost, provided you are doing things the proper way and have proper business processes.

When it involves user experience, Hubspot wins, hands-down. As a particularly powerful and intuitive tool, it manages its own complexity with flying colours , and backs that up with a super-responsive, fantastic support team else . Don’t need the “pro” or “enterprise” features? Great – you won’t see them until you buy them, but there are interface “hints” to point out you the way forward as you grow.

Another fantastic resource is that the Hubspot Academy. If you’re a digital marketing or CRM veteran, a number of the fabric is tedious and verbose, but a number of it’s actually quite helpful.

3. Adobe: Marketo, err, Microsoft
Adobe is listed as a pacesetter within the magic quadrant, but who knew they offered a CRM? Marketo isn’t a CRM but rather a marketing automation platform that integrates with CRMs. Just try googling “Adobe CRM” or “Marketo CRM” and see the confusion and lack of data for yourself.

So why did Gartner choose Adobe as a pacesetter in CRM? Likely due to this partnership between Adobe and Microsoft Dynamics. Essentially this is often only a CRM contender if you’re running Adobe Experience Manager sites. Another thought is because Marketo integrates well with other CRMs, but that’s a very silly reason to list Marketo itself as a CRM contender. We are definitely not the sole one to rant about the inclusion of Adobe as a pacesetter in CRM.

4. Mautic: a stimulating Choice – Open Source CRM
Do you live and breathe open source, or want to guard against vendor lock-in effects like rising prices? Mautic could also be a stimulating choice for you, especially if your website is running on Drupal, otherwise you wish to try to to a Drupal CRM integration, because it was acquired by Acquia.

It may not be the simplest choice right out of the box unless you’ve got a touch of that DIY and technical culture built into your organization. The user experience won’t be quite as slick as Hubspot, and we’re not 100% sure just yet what the acquisition by Acquia means for Mautic, but it’s going to be worth a glance surely organizations nonetheless who desire an open-source CRM.

5. Sensitive to cost But Want Hubspot or Pardot Features?
Try SharpSpring. While the user experience (UX) and speed of innovation could also be slightly behind Hubspot, this is often a really full-featured platform which will get you the infrastructure needed to try to to some great sales and marketing.

As a corporation , we never underestimate the importance of UX, and have a tendency to favor it in particular else, because it matters with things like tool adoption, job satisfaction, end-user productivity, and overall success of an implementation, but we also understand there are situations when cost has got to be more of an element .

If you had the selection between Pardot and another tool like this, we might definitely recommend SharpSpring. Pardot’s UX is more complex and worse than SharpSpring’s, in our not-so-humble opinion. However, Pardot’s feature set are often more extensive in some contexts.

6. CRMs for little Business (SMBs) With Less-Complex Needs
You may have noticed many of those “CRM” solutions go well beyond simply managing customer relationships – they’re actually CRMs with marketing and automation features layered on top. Some businesses just don’t need all that, or they need a separate solution already-in-place that handles the marketing and marketing automation.

Want something simple, powerful, and lower-cost, that just handles the sales, email, reporting, lead management, and deal pipeline aspects of a CRM? Try Nutshell or Pipedrive. In fact, Nutshell has put together a pleasant resource comparing itself to other solutions, some within the same category, like Pipedrive, but also some in additional complex and full-featured categories like Hubspot and Salesforce.

We like Nutshell because it knows what it’s and who it’s for, doesn’t attempt to be quite that, and does it well, and, honestly, because it had been our very first CRM many moons ago. Pipedrive, from personal experience, is additionally a highly-recommended tool for businesses during this category, actually recommended more often than Nutshell.

7. CRM Designed for little Business Relationships: Nimble CRM
Are you alittle business focused on relationships? does one also run Office 365 or G Suite for your email and communications? Try Nimble CRM. Nimble is uniquely positioned for little business relationship-building with customers and prospects.

As far as features go, anticipate to bright, colorful dashboards, smart integration with social media, and deep integrations with over 3rd-party 160 apps so as to mix your contact data.

It is also a highly contextual CRM, providing pop-up enriched data, whether you’re browsing a LinkedIn profile, email, or calendar invite in G Suite.

While we only have limited experience with this CRM as a corporation , we’ve demoed it, liked what we saw, and think it deserves a special category all of its own.

8. a singular Sales CRM: Close.io
Sometimes you don’t want to “pollute” your defacto CRM with sales prospects, i.e. contacts that are cold leads who you’ve got never contacted before and who haven’t contacted you, or who you’re within the process of “warming up” through outbound sales efforts. They don’t have any business being in your defacto CRM if your job as a sales team is to nurture them, qualify them, etc. they’ll never ask you and are available in through a marketing funnel instead, but in your organization which will not count as a commission-qualifying path for the prospect to require .

If this scenario seems like yours, you’ll want to think about Close.io. Close.io may be a good CRM for managing and automating standard sales activities like outbound email cadences, but also things like text message (SMS) outreach, phone calls, predictive dialers, pipelines, and sales reporting. it’s a full-featured tool for sales reps, proving sales automation, opportunity management, follow-up reminders, and other tools that salespeople love.

If you’re trying to find a CRM to unify sales and marketing, this is often not what you’re trying to find . But if you’re a neighborhood of a sales team (or you’re the only salesperson at the company) this might be a stimulating tool for you to use which will boost your productivity while being built especially for sales, unlike many CRM solutions which are built for both sales and marketing.

9. A Full-Featured, Cheap CRM Solution: Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM features a wide set of features for the worth . it’s less intuitive than other CRM solutions, with an simple use that’s lacking. However, you’ll build complex sales and marketing workflows, do email marketing, forecasting, lead generation, lead scoring.

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